Chair of the Board Games

A map of the solar system for a board game with planet and spaceship tokens.

Sure, we’re not above making puns. Here’s what we’re working on in the realm of board games. As with other projects, not all of them have names yet…

  • Interplanetary Solar Exploration – Somewhat of a prequel to our sci-fi setting, this game allows players to head up a coalition of nations racing to solve the various ecological disasters facing the planet Earth, by attempting to establish humanity throughout the solar system! This game features an attempt to simulate orbital mechanics without a mathematics degree.
  • Flotilla – Set in our sci-fi universe, this game is about amassing an armada of battlegroups to defeat a hostile force intent on mayhem. You must balance of protecting your flagship with sending out your battlegroups to complete missions. Each player makes decisions which affects the overall course of the game, or it can be played solo! Lots of replay options with different hostile forces, and many different ships to find and fleet up!
  • Dice-based Space Game – Roll dice and attempt to achieve success at the missions to defeat the foe! Similar to Flotilla in it is set within our sci-fi setting, this game is a fast-playing game of dice representing your spaceships and the opponents! Each player is an admiral with a different ability to help when things get tight.
  • Starship Quest Game – An ongoing game in the style of Gloomhaven, players work together to build a ship designed to achieve a specific mission, and then play that mission out using the ship’s layout and random encounters! As these missions are accomplished, more technologies, missions, and crew are unlocked! The game will have a solid storyline with the possibility of additional “story packs”!
  • Interstellar Colony Game – Who will be the best settlement manager? Each player runs a space settlement on the same planet, using the hex-based tile system to improve the grounds, build sectors and buildings, and grow the settlers! Random events can impact each and every player, meaning you all have to deal with the same calamity! Multiple planets are included to increase the level of difficulty for replayability.
  • Cow Catcher – Something silly with cows and fences and poop. We don’t really know, EITHER.
  • Medieval City Builder – Players work to build up a city and its defenses. Time is limited, as there are invaders approaching from over the seas! Place buildings, earn income, build city walls, train up troops, and hire mercenaries! But watch out, everyone shares the same treasury, and there’s only so much coin to go around!
  • Medieval Survival Game – Well, your town was ravaged by not very nice people! Be it Barbarians or Zombies, it ended up the same in the end. You and your friends must survive and rebuild! A random tile-based map creates the area around your town. Learn skills, place traps, build shelters, hunt, fish, maybe even fight! Will you choose to rebuild or simply stock up enough supplies to survive the dangerous trek to another town? Multiple end-game possibilities!

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