What RPGs are we working on?

Map of Millarn Falls

Well hello there!

Currently, as of November 2023, EMG is working on a few RPG projects. We’ll break these out into their own posts, but this is a quick summary of the projects! Not all of them have names yet…


  • Millarn’s Falls – A fully fleshed out Fantasy town for use in pretty much any system. In addition to maps of the town and surrounding areas, each building will be a one page ready-to-play product with illustrations of the building and its owners, a map of the floorplan ready to print or be used in a VTT, and information about the inhabitants, how they interact with the other townsfolk, and adventure hooks! You will be able to purchase each building separately, or the entire town!
  • Two Kingdoms – A more high level product of two Kingdoms who like to grumble at each other. These are also enclaves of other species and plenty of open area to place your own adventure hooks and ideas. Each Kingdom has various NPCs form the leaders of each down to well-known denizens, again with plenty of adventure hooks!
  • Endless Tide – A flooded world, filled with underwater adventures, aerial denizens, a history of each species and how they reacted to the Tide, and even Vampiric Gnomish Submersibles! How can you refuse that sort of shenanigans? Plenty of maps, full histories of the world and species, and plenty of ideas to send your players into a full-on search for a certain APPARATUS.
  • Or, as the French say, “Science Fiction” – This is our setting for deep space adventure, featuring species which seem familiar, but we’re trying to make them better. The game features some body-horror style, as well as full-on space opera and a variety of technologies. This setting is also the background for all of our miniatures games!


  • An Object-Oriented Magic System – Designed around the idea of there being no spellcasters, instead magic is made by crafting items. Various materials and techniques create a wide variety of items to be used by adventurers! This can also be dropped into existing systems as a means of fabricating magic items for your world.
  • A Trait-based RPG System – Designed around the idea of classless characters and building on the ideas within the Object Oriented system, this RPG uses Traits (skills, abilities, etc.) to define each character, as well as challenges to overcome, opponents and fiendish traps alike! It also provides for object damage and a variety of status conditions.
  • A Small Deck of Cards – This is a system designed around needing nothing more than some index cards and writing utensils. It is meant for GM-less play, with players working together to define the challenge they must overcome. Inspired by many nights of playing CCGs in a restaurant, this is a game meant to have a much larger impact than its very small footprint might suggest!

What interests you the most? We’ll post about the most popular first!

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