Our Miniatures Games in, uh, miniature.

Spaceships and widgets - porotype game pieces.

We’re working on a few miniatures games in our copious spare time. Here’s a summary, with posts and pages coming for each product in the line. Not all of them have names yet…

  • Throw Weight – This is our skirmish-level spaceship game with a twist. The base mechanic of the game utilizes vector-based ship movement…this means your ship can point in a different direction than it is headed! There’s other tricks and wacky hijinks, but if you can think ahead of your opponent, you’ll come out on top be it a high-stakes space race…or even higher stakes combat!
  • Massive Fleet Battles – A game about recreating those massive anime starship battles, where fleets made up of dozens of ships fight against each other! A game of strategy and tactics, designed to be played fast and furious!
  • Strikepoint – Boots on the ground…or space stations…or… EGM’s entry into the classic world of tabletop miniatures, Strikepoint is designed to be played fast with fog of war features baked into the heart of the game and every unit has a victory-point generating objective, which means your army IS your mission!

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